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Saving Trump



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This book is a prelude to the movie (TRUMP BEING SAVED BY THE TRANNIES) coming to theatre near you soon. It is a fiction based on the true mentality of Trump and the ideologies he possesses about transvestites in the military. It is about Trump coming to Madrid for a world conference, in which he decides to go to Ibiza and have a wild-hell-of a time. His team gets assaulted in Ibiza, where three (3) trannies are on vacation and, because of their loyalty to America, they decide to save Trump. This book will keep you laughing, while you fiction, it will give you insight into the true Trump. Don't miss out on reading this book. This book is a monumental-hysterical read. It is a read that you cannot put down, because you can't stop the universal pastime of humanity: laughter. 


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